Lead-free flashing


Lead-free flashing; an environment-friendly, sustainable lead-replacement product for long-term watertight constructions.

Lead-free flashing?
  • It is a environment-friendly alternative for lead flashing.
  • It can be applied at all applications where lead is applied.
  • It is a sustainable product and can be fully recycled.
Product types
The product comes in different dimensions, thicknesses, colors and finishing. The standard rolls come in 6m or 12m and the colors Black, Grey and Red are available to match the different roofing colors. For certain markets, a special ribbed version is available for application on strongly waved roof tiles.

  • Lightweight; easy to transport and carry for the installer
  • No scrap value
  • Application up to length of delivery.
  • Easy applied
  • Multiple colors for esthetic improvement
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